About our C-45

Our Beech C-45 (N42C) had a colorful life serving for the US Army Air Force, US Navy, Department of Agriculture and various civilian owners.

Her History


Built by Beechcraft in Wichita, KS with serial number 4942.

December 1943

Delivered to the U.S. Army Air Force, at Big Springs Bombardier Training School, TX. She was given the USAAF number 42-37645 and served as a trainer for the duration of World War II.

February 1946

Transferred to the US Navy as a SNB-1 and given Bureau Number of 67297. She was placed in storage in Pasco, WA.

October 1946

Moved to Naval Air Station Corpus Christi for reconditioning. Thereafter, her service included:

  • January to July, 1959:  O&R Buaer Mamp, M&S, Pensacola, FL.
  • July 1959 to February 1952:  Stored in Litchfield Park, MO (1,405 hours total time.)
  • May 1962 to February 1965:  Naval District Norfolk, Va.
  • June 1965:  Temporarily loaned to U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Mission, TX
  • June 1965 to January 1970:  FAA Civil Aircraft Registry as Bureau Naval Weapons, Washington D.C.
  • January 1972 to January 1973:  US Navy, Mission, TX
  • January 7, 1974:  Struck from US Navy records and transferred to Dept. of Agriculture after thirty years of military service.


Registered as a Department of Agriculture aircraft as part of the Screw worm Eradication Program based in Mission, TX. A photograph exists of her at Moore Field, Mission, TX with USDA insignias in December, 1979.


Sold and appeared at the Colorado Surplus Property Agency, Denver, CO.


Purchased as N439EW by Vernon R. Ohmert of Roswell, NM, who owned at least two other Twin Beech aircraft.


Sold to Carolyn L. Krissman of Roosevelt, UT. Soon thereafter she had an agricultural spraying system installed.

August 1988-1990

Owned by Cedar Valley Aviation, Cedar Valley, UT.

May 1990-1992

Owned by John E. Shelton of Arokas, CA. Mr. Shelton reported years later:


"I bought this airplane as a junker jump plane in Provo, UT and restored it after a rough flight home, over-gross with spare parts. It had been a sprayer, and smelled of Malathion. Dozens of coats of paint were stripped. Then the aluminum was polished. Installed a leather and wool, interior in muted grays and gray/green. Cargo floor beneath wool carpet. Found all the original high density seating. New panel. A trip to Mexico. Sold it. Happy it's making someone happy."

July 1992-1995

Owned by Sundale Aviation, Erwinna, PA

July 1995

Sold to Bruce R. Stevenson

November 1998

Sold to Northern Pacific Management, Portland, OR

December 1998

Sold to Nicholas “Nick” Tramotano and Aries Aviation and Development Co. of Brookview, CT. Registration number changed to N42C. By now N42C had a polished aluminum finish and was seen at airshows around the United States. Nick was a close friend of Tunison Foundation president Eric Zipkin. Nick was tragically killed in the crash of the P-51D Mustang "Big Beautiful Doll" in February 2016.


Purchased by Eric Zipkin in 2016 and donated to the Tunison Foundation in 2017.

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  • June 1965 January 1970:  FAA Civil Aircraft Registry as Bureau Naval Weapons, Washington D.C.