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Foundation's Name

    Ed Tunison was the Radio Operator on Placid Lassie during World War II and was the last surviving member of her wartime crew. In 2014 members of the Foundation discovered that Ed was still alive. He had not seen Placid Lassie since the crew flew her back from Europe to Florida in 1945 and went on leave. Since Placid Lassie was in the UK at the time for the 70th Anniversary of D-Day celebration, the we brought Ed and his son over to the Goodwood Rivival. Placid Lassies current crew and Ed flew a mission to drop paratroop re-enactors Market Garden drop zones. We brought Ed up to the cockpit and him fly part of that mission.

    Ed passed in 2016. The Foundation was created in 2017 to transfer Placid Lassie from private ownership to that of non-profit, 501c3 organization. When looking for a name for the foundation, we thought of Ed.

    Ed Tunison on right, his son Claude on left

    Mission Statement:

      The purpose of the Tunison Foundation is to organize and support ‘living history’ events and the presentation of historical artifacts and content that enable citizens to learn more about their heritage through direct participation.

      The specific objectives and purpose of this organization are accomplished through:
        a. Providing educational opportunities to the general public
        b. Providing access to the Foundation’s artifacts to the general public
        c. Sponsoring scholarship programs for deserving youth
        d. Participating in public events showcasing the Foundation’s artifacts

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